Small Simple Web Server

This site is being hosted on a single SBC attached to a simple residential network using full LAMP stack, dynamic DNS, and port forwarding.

raspberry pi4 residential router and raspberry pi4
Test PHP connection
Show data retruned from a database query

Steps taken to build out server

  1. Flash memory card with OS
  2. Designate and lock LAN IP of device on router
  3. ssh into device pi@<ip address>
  4. Change password with passwd
  5. raspi-config
  6. Install and configure Apache2
  7. Install PHP with mods-libraries and php-mysql
  8. Install MySQL-server
  9. Set up router to forward requests on port 80 to web server
  10. Set up Google Domains with dynamic DNS using the API
  11. Build site and place it in /var/www/html